Who we are

Luke Baio and Dominik Grünbühel are two freelance dancers and performers that have made a name for themselves within the Viennese scene. For a number of years they have been working with internationally renown choreographers, dancers and performers in and outside of Vienna. Their passion for creating unique situations for the audience has let them go far beyond the boundaries of what is considered to be contemporary dance. In 2009 they founded the collective Pufferfsh and intensified their collaboration. Dominik Grünbühel’s fascination with film-work and digital art, as well as his technical skills together with Luke Baio’s aptitude for building sets and instruments make up a highly unusual mix of film, music and every imaginable form of performing arts. Ever since the very beginning of their collaboration their work has always been defined by their ambition of developing and creating everything needed for their unique performances themselves.