simulacrum - seems like a room

Once again, Luke Baio and Dominik Grünbühel live out their passion for film technique.
Self-made setups, cameras and screens transport the audience into a space between reality and depiction. Andreas Berger creates the acoustics in which, with every change of perspective, another layer of what is perceived to be real is stripped away thus opening a projection area for the spheres of what is possible.
Through the contrast of the immediate performance and the technical reproduction the performance-duo explores areas of the fantastic. The transparency of the reproduction gives insight into both the process of production, as well as into the cinematographic product itself, and playfully questions what we see, or better, what we want to see.
With their performative mixture of a ‘making-of’ and a live feature film Luke Baio and Dominik Grünbühel delve into their enthusiasm for sophisticated film and theatre technique, and continue their research into digital way of playing with Rasperry Pis and Open Source Technology.


Sound Design
Digital Implementation
Dramaturgy, Production


18 Apr 2017
19 Apr 2017
20 Apr 2017
Vienna, Austria
18 Oct 2017
Chemnitz, Germany

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